5 TV Shows I've Watched & LOVED In February


I'm usually that person who watches something, falls in love and obsesses with it and then watches it on repeat instead of starting something new. However, this past month I've watched quite a few shows that I've never seen before and how I managed to avoid the hype when they were first released I have no idea because they are all incredible. Seriously, Netflix has been my best friend throughout February and I wanted to update you guys on what I've been watching recently in case you're looking for something new to binge watch on these snowy days we've been having recently. So in no particular order, lets goooooo!

1. The Good Place (2016, 2 seasons, Netflix)

I saw SO many people talking about this on Netflix at the beginning of February despite the fact that it's been out for over a year. You guys, this show is something special. It's about a woman called Eleanor who dies and ends up in an afterlife paradise for the ethical people a.k.a the good place but soon realises that she has been mistaken for somebody else. Each character offers something new and different to the dynamic and I found myself laughing and ugly crying throughout this series. The unexpected friendships in the series melt my heart and don't even get me started on the character development! It's such a chilled, feel good show and perfect for those evenings when you really haven't got the energy to do anything. 

2. One Day At A Time (2017, 2 seasons, Netflix)

If you're looking for a comedy drama /sitcom that has brilliant representation and tackles really important issues that are constantly being featured in the media then look no further. This is a Netflix original that follows the life of a Cuban-American family as they navigate through the ups and downs of life. Similarly to The Good Place, this one is such a feel good show and the episodes are half an hour max so you get through them so quickly which is the worst thing about it. Some of the story lines focus on immigration and Elena's coming out story and process to her family which I think is so important and especially since it's done in a sensitive and respectful manner. The writers, cast and crew have created nothing short of a masterpiece with this one and it's so under appreciated. If you watch one of the shows I mention today, please make it this one. 

3. Marcella (2016, Series 2 currently ongoing on ITV) 

My best friend has been asking me to watch this one ever since series 1 was released back in 2016 and it took stubborn old me long enough to join in on the hype. If you're anything like me then you can't get enough of a good ol' crime drama series and this one is truly so gripping. The second series started a couple of weeks ago and I hated being the only one who wasn't raving about how good it is so I binge watched series 1 within a couple of days and I can't get enough of it. Set in gorgeous London, Marcella is a female detective who returns to the job after taking 12 years family leave. She is drawn back by a case that sounds all too familiar to her as a serial killer she tried to catch before going on leave returns to the scene. It's so compelling and brilliantly acted and written. You really can't go wrong with this one if you're into this kinda thing.

4. Cuffs (2015, 1 Series) 

This next one may be me cheating my way out of it a little since I actually watched this when it first aired in 2015. I hadn't re watched it for quite a while and I was seriously in the mood for it so I spent no more than three days watching this series for the hundredth time earlier this month. Cuffs, oh Cuffs. How I utterly adore this series. Now, it isn't your typical detective series but that's one of the reasons why I love it so much. It's actually a drama that follows the lives of front line police officers within Brighton and the surrounding area of Sussex. It tackles really important issues and is equally character driven which is probably why I feel so attached to it. The location settings are truly stunning and there is something about each character that you secretly fall in love with. It has amazing representation, the story lines are incredible although they can be difficult to watch occasionally due to the painfully realistic nature of them, and it's just so well written. You'll kick yourself for not watching this one sooner. 

5. Mum (2016, Series 2 currently ongoing, BBC 2) 

And last but by no means least is Mum, another seriously under appreciated show that my best friend introduced me to a couple of weeks ago. This one certainly won't be everybody's cup of tea but if you're after a super chilled, relatable family orientated comedy then this is for you. It follows the life of 59 year old Cathy who is recently widowed and her family throughout the first year after her husband's death. It sounds pretty morbid and dull but you've gotta trust me when I say it's such a feel good, easy to watch show. Each episode is set in Cathy's house which gives it such a cosy and homely vibe which I love and it explores the dynamics between the family which is just something that most people can empathise with. I always find myself laughing out loud while watching this and it's the perfect show to unwind to after a long day that's for sure.

And there we have it! Apologies for how long this one was but I have seriously enjoyed watching these new shows this month and I wish someone had told me about them sooner so I thought I'd share them in case you're after something to binge watch. Thank you for reading, I'll see you all again soon.

Lots of Love,
Meg X

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