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I mentioned in my 'Hello, Autumn' blog post (see here) that Autumn fashion is my absolute favourite - from oversized knitted jumpers to chunky boots, I love it. It's barely October and already I'm impressed with some of the Autumnal pieces I've seen around. Zara, ASOS, TopShop, New Look and H&M are already killing it this year and are becoming some of my favourite places to shop! I thought I'd run through some of my current favourite items in a little photo diary now that we have transitioned from what was left of our Summer to my favourite time of the year. I'll also try my best to link everything at the end of the post! 

1. The Classic Red Jumper

I've never been too fond of the colour red but I do think that it's a staple colour to have in your wardrobe. Regardless of the season or occasion, it just adds a bit of colour to my outfit which is why I adore this jumper so much. It's warm, cosy and I can wear it with so much. I'm refusing to let go of my fave summer purchase a.k.a the stripy culottes from Zara but I love this combo so much and it's perfect for this time of year! 

The Chunky Cardigan 

I discovered this during the Summer and despite it being the wrong season to buy an oversized cardigan, I knew I'd thank myself for buying it when the colder months began. I don't usually buy cardigans but I'm already on the hunt for more because you can't really go wrong with them. They're so ideal, especially since the weather is SO unpredictable here in the UK, and this one is gorgeous. I love love love the pattern on it and it's the cosiest thing I've ever owned. It takes up half my wardrobe because it's so chunky but I love it and it's one of my best investments. 

The Outfit that SCREAMS Autumn

This one is definitely a little out there but I can't help but love it. It's slightly on the more dressy side and it's perfect for going to the theatre (a possible outfit for when I go to the theatre this month maybe??) I just love the rust/brown/burnt orange shade and it matches the colour of the floral pattern on the skirt beautifully. It's not the outfit I'd usually go for and like I said it's not an every day 'I'm running late so I threw anything on' kinda outfit but it works and it's so Autumnal so hey ho it's a winner in my eyes!

Denim Denim Denim

Everyone is guilty of having denim in their wardrobe and I swear I have lived in this jacket since I bought it a couple of months ago. It's definitely an all year round piece but it's perfect for the days when it's not cold enough for a winter coat but it's too chilly not to have a jacket. It goes with pretty much everything and I love it. That's all I have to say. There are so many different denim jackets out there at the moment and with a whole variety of styles and shades, there is one for everyone!

The Ultimate 'You Can't Go Wrong' Pinafore Dress

I can't remember when I started wearing pinafore dresses but I feel like I'm associated with them because of how often I wear them! I realise that they make me look like a 7 year old but who cares?!? They're so easy to throw on over jumpers and shirts / tops  and they make it look like you've put a bit of effort in. I always feel so put together when I wear a pinafore dress and I think they kinda suit me. Throw on a pair of tights and boots and you're good to go. I'm definitely going to get a lot of wear out of this one this Autumn. It just goes with SO much and it's actually really comfy to wear which is always a bonus!

It's All About Comfort

The only shoes you'll ever find me wearing are my gorgeous green Doc Martens or my black classic vans. They're both sososo comfy to wear and they go with everything. I adore my Doc Martens especially for this time of year and they add a bit of colour to my outfit which I love! 

That's it for this one! I hope you enjoyed my little photo diary and I'll see you very soon. I've tried my best to link everything mentioned at the bottom of this post just in case anyone was interested. And if you're feeling kind, I'd always appreciate a comment! 

Lots of Love,
Meg X

(NOTE: I couldn't find everything mentioned / pictured online so I've just listed everything that is still available)


  1. I totally agree with these fall favourites. I just got my self a pair of black Vans and I'm totally loving them! Really like the fact that red is so in right now. Brings such a nice brightness to any outfits!

    1. Vans are the best thing I've ever bought, they are so comfy! You'll love wearing them I'm sure of it! I completely agree, red is gorgeous for this time of year! X


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