Why I Always Dread Telling People What I'm Going To Study At University


Now bare with me because you're probably thinking going by the title that I've chosen to study something really unusual or something that nobody has ever heard of before but that's definitely not the case. In fact, I've actually applied (and accepted my offer) to study....

English Language and Linguistics.

Yep, that's it. And you're probably thinking 'why the heck do you dread telling people that?' and let me tell you that there are many reasons why. Ever since I knew what I wanted to study at University, and trust me I never saw this day coming because I'm the most indecisive person you'll ever meet, I've always had strange reactions whether they've been from family members or a stranger in a supermarket. And there are so many reasons why that's the case hence why I always dread the inevitable question when you're at this age and that is 'what are you going to study in Uni?'

I think the first thing that people tend to assume is 'You're already fluent in English, why the hell would you want to spend £9,000 + a year to study something you already know?' and okay fair enough, but there is so, so, SO much more to the subject than meets the eye. I've always been passionate about English. My decision to study this subject is based on my desire to understand the diversity and sheer complexity of the language that separates us from other species. I’m engrossed by the power, reach and influence of the language that we use daily yet is often taken for granted. Even at GCSE Level I got A's and never thought much of it at the time but after taking the subject at A Level I've grown to become fascinated by it. From language change to child acquisition to gender and language and the social and historical influences that are still in existence today, I get so engrossed in the subject. And despite my social anxiety, it's one of the very few subjects that I genuinely feel confident in and I thoroughly enjoy my lectures.

I've always said, and trust me when I say that I know this through experience, that you should choose to study what you're passionate about, especially if you're paying a lot of money to do so and in many cases you're moving far away from home. English Language for me is a passion and being somebody who thoroughly enjoys writing and being analytical it made perfect sense when I had to decide what I wanted to study. Not only that but my voluntary work has influenced by aspiration to become a speech and language therapist which ties in perfectly since I'm already so enthusiastic about the subject. 

I completely understand why wanting to study this subject may spark questions and that's perfectly okay because it's my passion and my decision and that's something that has taken me a long time to accept. I've always been heavily influenced by other people's opinions and there have been endless occasions when I've made the wrong decision for myself because I assumed that it's what everybody else wanted for me. But here I am approaching the age of 19 and I can finally say that I'm going to do things my way from now on, especially if the decisions I'm making may eventually come back to haunt me. So, if there is one thing I want you to take from this post it's this - Do what makes you happy and learn to make decisions for yourself without having to explain yourself. You don't owe anybody an explanation because this is your life and your chance to make the most of it. 

Thank you for reading this one guys, I'll be back again soon with a new post very soon.

Lots of Love, 
Meg X

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