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I am definitely, absolutely, 100% NOT an expert when it comes to doing make up but over the years I've grown to love it. I no longer find doing my make up in the morning to be a chore. I just adore experimenting with different brands and colours, especially as the seasons change throughout the year.

I wanted to create a post to share my current top 3 favourite eye shadow palettes with you because truthfully I have been completely obsessed with them ever since I got them throughout last year. Like most people, lip and eye products are my absolute favourites to buy and experiment with and through the years, especially over the last twelve months, I've grown to love certain shades that I tend to use on a daily basis. Like I said, I'm definitely not an expert but I thought some people might be interested to see which three eye shadow palettes I am completely and utterly obsessed with at the moment.

1. Colourpop 'Yes Please' Palette - Click 'here' to see. 

I received this palette as a gift last year and oh my goodness. The colours say it all. I tend to prefer matte eye shadows so this is right up my street but what caught my attention with this one is how vibrant the colours are. They're just sososo stunning and there isn't a single colour I haven't used (yes, even the bright gorgeous yellow). The pigmentation is out of this world, you really don't need a lot on the brush (trust me, I've made that mistake before and ended up with it smeared all over my face). I haven't bought too many things from Colourpop but I've always heard amazing reviews. The only downside is that the brand isn't sold within the UK so I had to order this off House of Beauty instead. This palette is definitely a little out there but it's just heavenly to use and I always receive compliments when I do reach for it. 

2. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette - Click 'here' to see. 

This palette is such a cliche, I know. But I fell in love with it last summer when finally gave in and treated myself to it. Once again, the range of shades are right up my street and the pigmentation is incredible, definitely not as good as the Colourpop palette but beautiful all the same. I adore this one because the variety of matte and shimmery shades means that I can use it subtly throughout the day but it's also ideal for those times when you're getting a bit more dolled up. As you can probably see, my absolute favourites from this palette are 'Salted Caramel', 'Creme Brulee' and 'Hazelnut.' I also love to use 'White Chocolate' just under my brows and it looks super pretty. 

3. Morphe Fall Into Frost Palette - Click 'here' to see. 

You can probably start to see by now which colours I'm immediately drawn to when reaching for an eye shadow palette. This one is definitely more shimmery as opposed to matte but the range of colours is stunning and this one is particularly gorgeous for the Autumn / Winter. I'd heard such incredible reviews about the morphe palettes and I can completely understand why. It lasts all day and they're sosososo lovely and easy to apply. I'm utterly in love with the colours in this one and just like the other two the pigmentation is unbelievable. Trust me, this one is definitely worth considering if you're looking to treat yourself.

And there you have it - my current top 3 eye shadow palettes. I had a clear out last summer because I realised that I didn't use half of the stuff I owned but I have used these three items SO much since I bought them throughout last year. I'd highly recommend them to anyone on the hunt for something similar! Thank you so much for reading, I hope you're having a beautiful day wherever you are. 

Lots of Love,
Meg X

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