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I used to find shopping for make up quite a chore and I would tend to stick to using the same products. However, over the last year or so, I've tried experimenting a lot more with different brands and products and now I'm always finding an excuse to buy something new to try. Through doing this, I've kind of found my own style as I've learned which colours suit my skin type and I now feel so much more comfortable buying new products and I'm starting to really enjoy trying out new things. One make up product I LOVE shopping for is lipstick. I've fallen in love with matte lip products and I've been on hunt for the perfect one for months and months. I almost never wear pink or red shades. Not because they don't suit me because the majority of them do. But my absolute favourite lip shades tend to be dark colours, hence why I love Autumn and Winter so much because those tend to be the seasons where you can get away with wearing a dark lip and have the ability to pull it off! Having said that, I've recently decided that I don't actually care what others think and I've been reaching for my darker lip products during the Spring and Summer months too. I currently have 3 lip products that I am completely in love with at the moment. So, I'll be chatting about those in this post (hopefully not too much).

1. Bare Minerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipcolour. 

Shade: Bo$$
Price: £17.00

If I'm not wearing a dark lip, I'll almost always be wearing a nude. One that's not too pinky but has slightly brown undertones. I was watching a Zoella Vlog months ago (I'm talking February maybe?) and she was wearing this matte liquid lipstick that was in the exact colour that I had been searing for. It was by the brand Bare Minerals and despite never purchasing anything from that brand before, I'd heard so many wonderful reviews that I just had to try it out. It arrived a few days later and I'm not kidding when I tell you that this is practically the only thing I've worn on my lips since I bought it. The consistency is beautiful and it's so easy to apply. It doesn't feel like you've got anything on your lips and the best bit? IT SMELLS LIKE VANILLA. I don't know whether it's supposed to but if I didn't enjoy wearing it so much, I'd be eating it that's for sure. Plus, it lasts for so long and I only really have to reapply it once or twice during the day, depending on what I'm doing etc. Matte liquid lipsticks can be so difficult to get just right. I've bought some before and they haven't lasted very long, they're extremely patchy or they just feel sticky and don't feel very nice on. This one by Bare Minerals though is PERFECT. I swear down by this and if I could only wear one make up product for the rest of my life, this would be it. The only criticism I have is that there isn't a huge variety of colours to choose from. I'd buy them all but this is the only shade that I absolutely loved. I got the shade 'BO$$' and it's just dreamy. 10/10 would recommend. 

2. Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick

Shade: Naughty by Nature
Price: £19.00

The second one I'm going to ramble on about is also a liquid lipstick and it's by one of my favourite brands 'Too Faced.' I'd bought products from that brand before so I felt very comfortable purchasing this online. I haven't had this one too long to give it a full review but from what I have experienced so far, it's already a new favourite of mine. It is so long lasting you wouldn't believe. One thing I struggle with when trying liquid lipsticks is that they can often look very patchy once dried, especially the darker shades because it's often more noticeable.But I haven't experienced that problem with this one. It is a much thicker consistency compared to the Bare Minerals one but I honestly don't mind that because it looks incredible when it's on. I got the shade 'Naughty by Nature' which is a deep brown. Even for me, this one was a little out of my comfort zone because I'm very loyal to my purple and dark berry shades but I absolutely love it. There are so many shades to choose from and they've also got different types of matte lipsticks which is amazing. I'm definitely tempted to get another colour!

3. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution

Shade: Glastonberry
Price: £24.00

Last but by no means least is this beauty from the well known and much loved brand Charlotte Tilbury. This is the first thing I'd purchased from this brand and I am yet to be disappointed. I'd seen quite a few people rave about these lipsticks and I was keen to try. They're matte which is perfect but there are other lipsticks by Charlotte Tilbury that aren't matte so there is something for everyone. There were a couple of shades I had my eye on but in the end I got 'Glastonberry' which is the ultimate dark berry colour and is absolutely perfect for the colder seasons. Ever since my love for liquid lipsticks began, I thought I'd struggle finding a lipstick that I could love just as much. However, this one is brilliant. It isn't as long lasting as the other two that I've mentioned but the colour is stunning and it's super easy to apply. I do probably take a little longer than the average person applying a dark lip because I can be quite messy. One thing to mention with this lipstick, and for all of the products by Charlotte Tilbury, is how gorgeous the packaging is. I could never lose it in my bag because the gold is simply stunning and makes the product feel slightly more special to use. 

This post was a little longer than I was intending it to be so thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this one as it is a little different to my usual kinda posts. I'm hoping to do more beauty and skincare related posts in the future so let me know if you'd like that and also the kind of things would you like to see on here!

Lots of love, 
Meg X

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  1. Absolutely love these shades! I'm yet to try liquid lipstick but you've really convinced me to give it a go!


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