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Before heading to London, I always like to research the best places to not only visit, but also the best places to eat and drink. London has the most incredible variety of bars, restaurants and cafes to wine and dine and I'm always looking for somewhere new to try. And my trip back in April this year was no exception. 

I'd always wanted to visit 'The Natural Kitchen' because I'd heard so many wonderful things about it, especially online. A quick glance at the menu and I knew this place would be perfect to have breakfast in one day. I'm a pescatarian (I don't eat meat but I eat fish) and even I have to say there was plenty to choose from. I was so excited to take my sister to this place and it just so happened that there was a restaurant right on Baker Street, one of my favourite places in London. We got up quite early that morning and headed over to Baker Street (which I'll admit took longer than expected due to somebody getting us on the wrong tube....ooops). Anyway, we got there just in time to have breakfast and I'm so glad we did! I ordered a latte because I was still half asleep, followed by the Eggs Royal which is poached eggs and smoked salmon on a toasted bun and it was absolutely delicious. Oh my goodness. I honestly can't recommend this place enough. My sister had ordered the Farmhouse Omelette and the Green Machine smoothie which looked so yummy! I tried her smoothie and regretted not ordering one for myself. So with that thought, I ordered the OMG Smoothie (Orange, Mango, Ginger) and it was SO DELICIOUS.  The restaurant itself was gorgeous and we were lucky enough to get a table by the table looking down Baker Street so I was in heaven. The service was super quick and everybody there was so friendly and polite. Plus, the sun was shining so it really was the best start to the best day. 

Like I said earlier, I can't recommend this place enough. So, if you're in London and you're looking for a new place to eat, check out The Natural Kitchen and I'm sure you won't regret it!

Lots of love,
Meg X

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