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It was around March last year, just before my 17th birthday, when I was told about this amazing little cupcake shop in Soho, London. My friend had showed me their Instagram account (see it here) and I fell in love with how cute the cupcake designs were. We didn't really hesitate when deciding that we should go there on our next trip to London and that's exactly what we did! I had never really explored Soho before so it was like a maze to me at first. Let's just say that my friend and I aren't the best navigators and so it took us a little longer than expected to find the shop, which, by the way, is the CUTEST little cupcake shop I have ever seen. If you didn't know about it then you wouldn't really know it was there as it's tucked away in Kingly Court which is a beautiful little place in Soho that has a brilliant mix of established chains, independents and gift shops. Anyway, the shop itself is small but cosy and the range of cupcakes is never ending. The staff are always so friendly and it's just the perfect place to visit with friends! Crumbs and Doilies don't just do cupcakes but a whole range of different treats that you can order and take away. You can click here to see their website and see for yourself! 

I was in London on Saturday for Pride (best experience EVER) and I saw on their Instagram that they were doing a range of different treats in honour of Pride which was amazing!  I thought since I was near Soho watching the parade that I'd check it out, especially since I hadn't been for so long. I don't know whether I've got an great memory or what but I managed to find the place so quickly compared to the last time (which was great because London was even busier than usual). As expected, the shop was full of people in London for Pride which put the biggest smile on my face. Everyone took their time deciding what to get because there was just so much choice. I ended up getting (forgive me because I can't remember the exact names) the Unicorn Vanilla Cupcake, Salted Caramel with Pretzel Cupcake and the Rainbow Caramel and Chocolate Slice which all looked SO DELICIOUS. I mean, I could have bought the whole shop but I did manage to restrain myself, a little bit anyway. And if you're wondering, the cakes do taste just as good as they look!

I absolutely LOVE that Crumbs and Doilies do cakes and treats for special occasions and Pride was no exception which makes me so unbelievably happy. If you're ever in London near Soho, definitely check out Crumbs and Doilies because I honestly can't recommend them enough. You'll only be sorry that you didn't discover it sooner. 

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine has been full of love, laughter and colour! 

Lots of love, 

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