Hello, Autumn!


Autumn. My favourite time of the year has arrived once again and I couldn't be happier to ditch my practically non-existent summer wardrobe for all things that bring me warmth and comfort. I love everything about this season - from the fashion to the food and we can't forget about those dark and cold nights where we're all snug in the cosiest pyjamas with a hot drink and Netflix. I've always said that I feel the most me around this time of year. I feel comfortable and content most days and that's down to many things, most of which will be included in this blog post today. I've decided to join the blogger train and write about the reasons why Autumn is in my personal opinion the most wonderful time of the year.

Fashion / Accessories 

Autumnal clothing allows me to feel so much more comfortable in my own skin and conforms to my own style way more than summer clothing does. I love the colours - mustard yellow, burgundy, dark forest green (my ultimate fave), orange, reds, golds, black. I just prefer the variety of shades and I'm definitely not the only one. Oversized scarves, bobble hats, layers (lots of layers), chunky 'throw on' jumpers that later on become far too warm despite the fact that they're super soft and cosy to wear, boots, tights, coats. I just bloody love Autumn fashion and if I could wear it all year (which in the UK is possible) then I definitely would! We haven't even made to October yet and already Zara are killing it with their Autumnal pieces this year! I just love it! I also prefer doing my make up during the colder months because I tend to be more adventurous. I love being able to do my dark purple / berry lip and golden eyes at this time of year. I just feel like there is so much more you can do and so many different looks and colours to experiment with (that's if I've got the time)!

Cosy Nights In

I love love love finishing college and walking outside to see that it's almost pitch black and the weather is gloomy and miserable. I personally love the rain and being able to wrap up warm. There's nothing better than putting your lounge wear or pyjamas on (I'm absolutely loving THESE at the moment that I got from Next the other week. Who doesn't want pyjamas with hedgehogs and squirrels in dressing gowns drinking tea on them?!) and making yourself a hot drink and snuggling up on the sofa with a film or your nose in a book whilst being surrounded by cosy lights and candles. Candles are another highlight of Autumn and Winter for me. There is such a variety of scents these days it's almost impossible to decide which ones to light. Pumpkin and Gingerbread scents always go down well with me. Christmas Eve by Yankee Candle is one of my faves too. I love cosy nights in and being able to do them often during the Autumn is heavenly.


You might think that this is a weird one but bare with me! Naturally, my skin becomes way more problematic in the colder months than it would during the summer which means that I spend more time doing my skincare than I usually would. Even though it's way more effort (sigh) my skin thanks me immensely for doing it. Also tied into this category is LUSHHHH! My absolute fave. Their Halloween and Christmas range never disappoint and I've already started to stock up on old time classics and personal faves for a relaxing night in. I have way more baths in the colder months a) because I'm constantly cold and b) because they really help my skin when it's dehydrated and struggling. The Body shop also do an amazing collection at this time of year. The spiced apple shower gel is dreamy and instantly reminds me of Autumn and Winter. (Just an fyi but I might be doing a 'my current skincare faves' post over the next couple of weeks!) 

Food / Drink

Yes, I am one of those people who loves a Pumpkin Spice. Not because it's Starbucks or because it's the drink of choice at this time of year but because I bloody love pumpkin anything. Along with gingerbread and cinnamon, it's probably my favourite scent / taste for Autumn. It's not too sweet yet it's not too overpowering with spice and flavour either. Bluebirds do the BEST spiced pumpkin pie flavoured tea and it's the best thing I've ever 
tried. I also tend to live on homemade soup during these months - whether it's mushroom, butternut squash, classic tomato or winter vegetable, it's the nicest thing to have on those cold nights. M&S have also upped their game this year and they're apparently introducing a load of new vegetarian food for the Christmas period. Just an fyi to anyone who's veggie like me!


I've always said that Autumn is when all the really great dramas are on TV! Not all of them, I mean loads of my faves have already aired this year but the point is that there is always something on! I'm currently watching at least 5 things and it's great to have something to look forward to during the evenings! I'd highly recommend Victoria (Sunday, ITV 9pm UK)! One of the best series I've EVER seen. Anyone who knows me will know that I bloody love my historical films and series (I'm well aware that a lot of what is shown has been included for dramatisation purposes but STILL). Safe House is brilliant and so gripping. I'm literally on the edge of my seat watching that show (Thursday, ITV 9pm UK). Doctor Foster which is also an incredible series starring the phenomenal Suranne Jones (Tuesday, BBC1 9pm UK). Strictly Come Dancing which is just a classic (Saturday, BBC1). And we can't forget about Great British Bake Off which just screams Autumn is coming every year (Tuesday, Channel 4 8pm UK).

These are some of the endless reasons why I adore Autumn so much and I'm so excited for the upcoming months! I've already created loads of new content for my blog and I can't wait to share it all with you. I hope you enjoyed this one and don't forget to stay hydrated and wrap up warm!

Lots of Love,

Meg X

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