Two Thousand and Seventeen: Oh What a Year!


I can't quite believe that as I'm writing this we're already half way through the first month of 2018!? Time seems to go quicker every single year which quite frankly terrifies me. I love the beginning of a new year for so many reasons but I also love reflecting on the last twelve months to see what I've achieved, what I've completely and utterly failed at and also to look back at the memories I've made. I wanted to write a quick post where I can list (because I love a good list) my highlights, new discoveries and of course my favourite memories from 2017 so that I can look back on them! I'll also include a little photo diary at the end of this post because I have so many photos from last year which really make me smile. So, here I go!

What has made this year special:

  • Went to see Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime Production (26/01)
  • Trip to Cardiff with Meg (21/02)
  • Visiting the Harry Potter Studios with Char & my media group (07/03)
  • Seeing Hamlet with Tamzin in London (11/03)
  • My 18th Birthday (13/03)
  • Getting my 1st and 2nd tattoos (23/03)
  • Trip to London with Emily (17-19/04)
  • Meeting David Tennant with Em & Em at Stage Door in London (18/04)
  • Seeing Abigail's Party play in Malvern with Emily (19/04) 
  • Meeting Amanda Abbington again (19/04)
  • Voted for the first time (08/05)
  • Spending time in London with Tamzin (21/06)
  • Attending my first Pride in London (08/07)
  • Got my first car (29/07)
  • Visited Friends Fest in Manchester (08/08)
  • Passed my Driving Theory Test (09/08)
  • Got ABBC on results day (17/08)
  • Went for a little holiday with my best friends in the Caravan (21-25/08)
  • Passed my Driving Test (04/10)
  • Applied for University (23/10)
  • Went to see Labour of Love Play in London with Amy (25/10)
  • Visited Brighton (25-26/10)
  • Went to see Annie in West End (26/10)
  • Attended the SHERLocked Convention (27-29/10)
  • Finally met my twitter best friends (27/10)
  • Visited Derby / Drove to Derby for the first time to see family (31/10)
  • Visited Bangor with best friends (01/11)
  • Got my unconditional offer from my first choice uni (09/11)
  • Got a girlfriend (20/11)
  • Got tickets to see Taylor Swift in June 2018 (29/11)
  • Visited Christmas markets in Manchester (06/12)
  • Visited Harry Potter Studios (again) (28/12)
  • My wonderful friends and family who have loved and supported me through absolutely everything - they make every year special
  • TV Shows I've LOVED & discovered: Sherlock S4, Broadchurch S3, Big Little Lies, Doctor Who, Victoria, Game of Thrones, Modern Family, The Crown, Stranger Things, Liar, Safe House, Doctor Foster, GBBO, Trust Me, Black Mirror, Line of Duty, Call the Midwife
  • Films I've watched & LOVED: Rent, Lion, The Blind Side, La La Land, Denial, The Devil Wears Prada, Beauty & the Beast, Hidden Figures, IT, Moonlight, Kingsman, Adult Life Skills, A Street Cat Named Bob, Before I Fall, The Perks of Being A Wallflower, One Day, The Edge Of Seventeen, The Other Boleyn Girl, About A Boy, Paddington, The Intern, The Kings Speech, Florence Foster Jenkins, The Dutchess, Legally Blonde, The Lovely Bones

Favourite moments from 2017 in a little photo diary:

Thank you so much to everyone who has made 2017 such a special year! And thank you to everyone who has stuck with me, I feel so overwhelmed and appreciative. Like I said I wanted to write a little something just so I could look back and see what my highlights were this year, especially since it's often hard to remember the good moments when clouded with the bad.

I hope you've all had a magical Christmas and I hope the New Year is full of happiness for you.

Lots of Love,
Meg X

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