I had to write and upload this post before April began otherwise I really would be the worst blog writer EVER! I'm currently procrastinating whilst listening to the RENT soundtrack (It's the best musical I've ever seen and the soundtrack is my new favourite thing, just saying). Anyway, I thought that I should do something worthwhile and so naturally I opened my laptop and well, here we are...

As you can probably guess by reading the title - I WENT TO HOGWARTS!!!

On March 7th, I went on a college trip with my Media class to the Warner Bros Studios and it was honestly a dream come true. Visiting this place had been on my bucket list ever since I discovered that it existed. Like most people my age, I grew up falling completely in love with the Harry Potter films & books. I don't think I'll ever get tired of curling up on the sofa and reliving the magic as if for the very first time. Harry Potter has been a huge part of my life and it truly filled my childhood with so much joy and happiness. Even now, I'm still so in love with it and visiting the studios was beyond overwhelming because I was experiencing Hogwarts, the place that made my childhood truly magical.

The coach journey down to the studios was roughly 4 and a half hours long which I didn't mind because I'm used to travelling and I had my best friend with me on the trip! I'm so happy that we got to experience this trip together because not only are we huge Harry Potter enthusiasts but we've also grown up together and we're both interested in what goes into making films and television (hence why we both do A Level Media). Plus, it gave us an excuse to watch Broadchurch on the journey ;-)

 I'll admit that I got very teary eyed when I first saw the Great Hall. Every 2 seconds I'd stop and squeal with disbelief that I was actually there, seeing the most gorgeous props and absolutely stunning sets. I can't emphasise just how much work and detail went into absolutely everything that we've all seen in the films about a million times I'm sure. I was beyond amazed and impressed with everything that I saw and I only wish that I could move into Hogwarts tomorrow.

  Diagon Alley was definitely one of my favourite places to see. I fell in love with the idea of it as soon as I saw it within the films and read about it in the books. It sounded like such a magical and friendly place and I was certainly not disappointed when I visited it for the first time. It sounds silly but I felt like I was really there, just about to pop into Ollivander's for my first wand. My mouth hung open the whole time. I can't express how magnificent this was and felt. The only way you'll have any idea how special this is by visiting yourself because I still can't find the right words. 

  Visiting Platform 9 and 3/4 was a dream come true. I felt SO emotional walking onto the platform and seeing the Hogwarts Express. It reminded me of the very first film and how special the moment between the golden trio was on their first journey to their new home. I suddenly felt as though I was a little girl again experiencing the magic for the first time only this time, I was really there! 

Growing up, Hogwarts had only ever been a real place in my imagination and yet as I stood right in front of it, I couldn't help but feel so overwhelmed and emotional at the thought that the place I'd loved and admired most of my life was real, Not only that, but it was more beautiful and more magical than I could have ever imagined. 

I realise that this was quite soppy and rambly but I wanted to share my photos and the first impressions I experienced on my visit. I can't begin to explain just how magical and surreal this experience was. I've already planned to visit Hogwarts again towards the end of December and I'm already counting down the days until I'm home once again.

As always, I hope that you've enjoyed this post. I promise that I'll try and upload more in April (don't make promises you can't keep, Meg!) 

Lots of Love,
Meg X

P.S: Always remember - “Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” - J.K Rowling

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