Christmas In Covent Garden


Those of you who follow me on social media will know that my favourite place in the world is London and with Christmas soon approaching, I decided that now would be a magical time to take a trip with my wonderful friend. 

My friend Tamzin and I have our own 'Bucket List' which consists of things that we'd love to do (most of them being in London). We're both huge lovers of Tea and so we decided to embrace how unbelievably British we both are and take a trip to London's very own Twinings Tea Museum which was one of the most incredible experiences I've had this year. 

It must have taken us over an hour to find it but eventually we got there and it's just every tea lovers dream. The outside of the building was decorated ready for Christmas which was incredible and the inside was equally amazing. We walked in only to find what must have been hundreds of different types of flavoured tea and they were all beautifully packaged and stacked up to the ceiling. I wasn't aware that there were that many different types of tea but it's safe to say that we were both in our elements. We wondered around the shop and museum before sitting at the 'Tea Bar' and trying a sample of the 'Christmas Blend' loose tea which was insanely good. It was pretty much Christmas in a mug and all of the festive spices mixed together tasted like absolute heaven.

We had to make the impossible decision of which tea to buy so we decided to get a 'Pick and Mix' box so that we could fill it with a variety of different flavours to try. I also decided to get the 'Vanilla' tea and Tamzin was tempted by the 'Christmas Blend' (which I am already starting to regret because it was SO GOOD!)  After spending the most incredible time and what was quite possibly the most British thing we have ever done, we sadly left with the intention of returning on our next trip to London together. 

We hadn't planned much else to do that afternoon so we ended up walking down by the River Thames which was stunning as the sun had already begun to set. 

Eventually, we decided to wonder around Covent Garden which is one of my favourite places at Christmas. We went to Covent Garden for the first time together last November so it's become a little tradition of ours to see the Christmas lights and honestly, they didn't disappoint. The lights in London were all so unbelievably magical and we both felt so festive and happy walking through our favourite City. 

We decided to visit another one of our favourite places, Trafalgar Square, but not before buying ourselves a drink and cake from Costa's festive menu. We exchanged Christmas presents and sat talking whilst admiring the most magical lights as the sky grew darker. 

I'll never grow tired of being in the most wonderful, magical, breathtakingly beautiful City I've ever seen. London adventures will always be my favourite, especially at the most wonderful time of the year and especially with my amazing friend. It's safe to say that this trip encouraged me to get into the festive mood and start preparing for my favourite time of the year. Hopefully, I'll be lucky enough to return to London again next Christmas and be in complete awe of it's beauty once again.

As always, I really hope that you enjoyed this blog post. It's not as lengthy as they usually are but I really wanted to share my photos and hopefully share some Christmas joy and excitement. 

Lots of Love,

Megan XxX

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