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It's my favourite time of the year once again - Autumn! 

There is something so wonderful and magical about this time of the year. As much as I adore Christmas and the festive build up to it, Autumn is a beautiful season as it consists of things that I love. 

I've always preferred the fashion during Autumn/Winter. I love wearing multiple layers and being cosy throughout the day. Making sure you wrap yourself up warm is important, especially as the weather changes and becomes much colder around this time of year. 

Personally, I love hot drinks throughout the year. Even during the summer when the sun is out (it doesn't happen very often!) Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate always feel extra special around this time. Especially when Costa and Starbucks bring out their festive selection! I recently discovered Twining's 'Gingerbread Green Tea' which is absolutely gorgeous. It's perfect for those icy cold mornings when you're struggling to get out of bed. 

Autumnal colours are beautiful. Mixtures of golden, copper, rust and burnt red coloured leaves on the trees are stunning and despite the cold weather, they look so warm. Autumn only ever officially stars when the leaves begin to change colour and fall to the ground. The early morning sky is also particularly beautiful at this time of the year. I usually prefer sunsets myself but waking up to the colours of an autumnal sky is something quite special. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always loved going out on Bonfire Night to see the fireworks. There's something special about wrapping up warm and going outside to watch a display of colour in the night's sky. I usually go with my family to see them and we'll all stand close together just to keep warm. As soon as we get home, we'll make a hot drink and that's when the festive preparations usually begin!

There's nothing more perfect on a cold and dark evening than making yourself a hot drink, getting a hot water bottle, putting on your comfiest pyjamas and snuggling up to watch a film. Being a lover of scented candles, this is the time of year when I'll burn more than I usually would. I love sweet and spicy scents. Cinnamon is my favourite during the colder months but I'd have to say that my favourite Yankee Candles for this time of year are 'Christmas Eve' and 'Christmas Cookie.' I light them every year throughout Autumn/Winter and I find the scenes super cosy and comforting. 

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend.

Lots of Love, 

Megan XxX

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